Naturally Grown Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs

Month: October 2016

The Raspberries Made It!

Back in April I didn’t think these raspberries were going to survive. I made the mistake of planting them perpendicular to the slope and in an area that’s already kind of wet. After spending so many years gardening in Texas my instinct is to plant […]

Breaking Wind

I’ve been putting down rows of cardboard mulch and wood chips in our lower field. The soil and moisture are great but the winds coming off of lake Huron have a nice clear shot at us. The whole field is about 5 acres so I’m […]

Compost Mountain is Pretty Much Gone

It’s been a good year for loading up on the compost. Good thing too because now I can turn my attention to my new project… Mulch Mountain! It’s a lot easier to load into the trailer.