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Month: August 2016

Compost Mountain is Getting Smaller

The mountain of free compost out at the Owen Sound Composting Facility is getting smaller, but there’s still a lot left. Earlier in the season a lot of people were out here but I’m pretty much alone while I’m loading it up these days. All […]

Rain Gauge

Wow – we finally got some good rain. I should probably invest in a more professional rain gauge, but the important one is below. This is my hole for observing the water table down where we want to put an irrigation pond. The water level […]

Nice Growth This Year

We just planted these elderberries, jostaberries (2nd row right) and gooseberries (2nd row background) as bare root starts in May. They’ve put on some nice growth for their first 3 months in the ground. After further reading it looks like we’ll have to pull the gooseberries out next spring. It seems that when they are planted near white pines they can get something called white pine blister rust. Back behind the treeline we have about an acre of white pines and I’d really hate to lose them.

Anyone want some gooseberry plants next Spring? I’ll be digging them out when they’re dormant, probably April.

My Favourite Time of Year

Because I get to look at this every day:

Mmmmm Garlic

The garlic harvest is in. We’re just growing it out for seed this year so there is none for sale. Looking forward to lots of new varieties in 2017.