Naturally Grown Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs

Month: July 2016

Utrecht Blue Wheat

Now this looks cool. It’s Utrecht Blue Wheat from Salt Spring Seeds out in British Columbia. The heads are really hard to thresh so it’s for looking pretty but not eating. We’re growing it out for seed this year. Next year we plan to sell it […]

The Search for Water

This drought is getting really bad. Our long term plans include a plan, but it’s looking like we will need it sooner rather than later. An area of around 2 acres does stay wet most of the year so I decided to dig an observation […]

It’s Chippy!

I may someday regret it, but I just can’t resist sharing lunch with my pal Chippy. It’s gotten to the point where I keep a bag of walnuts in the truck just for her. I’ve been expecting to see some weight gain but with most of the nuts she fills her cheeks and runs of somewhere in the rocks to put them for safekeeping.

Hauling Water

This feels environmentally unsound and unsustainable, but we’ve resorted to filling up water tanks from the hose at our house in town. Fortunately we only have to haul it about 4.5km, but still… Our poor old farm truck has to really strain to get up […]

Nice Clouds, No Rain

Lots of chances for rain in the forecast but it keeps missing us. Nice views though.