Naturally Grown Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs

Month: May 2016

Bee Swarm!

One of the hives decided to check out the scene in a nearby crabapple tree, giving me my best day on the farm yet. I got to wear a bee suit and drive our beekeeper Marnie of Northern Bee Company up to the tree, lift us both […]


It’s May two-four, the Queen’s birthday. And here I am admiring how tilling in a few inches of compost improves the soil on the right.

The Bees are Doing Well

Jill is talking to Marnie from Northern Bee Company. Their bees have been here for a couple of weeks now and look to be adapting well. She even got some pollen from them – probably from all of those dandelions that I haven’t mowed in the lower field.

Garden Move

This barren looking spot is the site of the new garden for 2016. Last year (our first) we put the garden in our lower field because the soil is better and there is more groundwater. Later we found out that the wind just whistles through […]

Compost Mountain is Growing

The Owen Sound Compost Facility has some great free compost this year. One of the guys told me they rented a larger machine this year because the old one couldn’t keep up with the volume of material coming in. That’s a good thing because we’ll […]

Elderberries, Jostaberries, and Gooseberries

Kind of hard to see at this point, but we’ve just planted them. I’m planning to use these for propagation so this won’t be their final home. Eventually I plan to have this whole area filled with blackberries.

Fruit Trees!

Well, more like fruit sticks. Following the advice of Michael Phillips in his book The Holistic Orchard we opted for bareroot plants. The root systems on these look so much better than the two rootbound nursery trees we bought a couple of years ago. This […]

An Exercise in Futility

This stone fence is on the South side of the property. It’s covered in wild grape vines with trunks that could pass for small trees. It’s a good thing I don’t want to get rid of them, I don’t think that would be possible. I […]